Saturday, August 20, 2011

Patiently Waiting....

I first want to thank all of you for being so patient! I KNOW you want to see the finished product, but I'm just not quite there yet. Unlike having one room to decorate, I have an entire house. I have decorating A.D.D. so I can't just focus on one room. And I don't want to show you the rooms until I feel they are complete, or at least close to it. I promise I'm almost there and I will be back very soon!

On top of all of the house stuff, we've had a crazy busy summer. The boys start back to school on Monday so I'm hoping to concentrate on the house in the next few weeks!


  1. I have that same ADD house thing too so I seem to be juggling a million projects at once.
    But keep at it something is bound to be finished sooner or later.

  2. Looking forward to your return to blogging! I've missed you :)