Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bell Tolls For Me!

For about three years (before the bird craze hit), I have had a nest on a shelf in our living room. I covered the nest with a small glass cheese dome and I change it with the seasons. For winter the nest is covered with ice crystals, spring with eggs, summer bare and fall with leaves. I never thought the cheese dome was good enough, but didn't want to pay $30+ for a large cloche. Here it is before:
Kind of squat, right?

I have seen several bloggers (sorry, can't remember who) make their own cloches so I thought, "Gee, I can do that, too!"
*Edit* Joan at Anything Goes Here was one of my inspirations. Check out one of her cloches here.

I found this beauty at Goodwill recently for $1.51! Perfect cloche shape!

It was originally a hurricane globe, but I easily removed the brass candle poker-thingamajig.

I found this crystal ball wine stopper in a drawer, long forgotten (if you are reading this and gave us this as a gift, at least it's now being used, right?). I thought it would be perfect for the topper.

I cut away the rubber piece. All I had to do was hot glue the stopper into the opening. Easy peasy.

The end result. My $1.51 (+ tax) cloche! You like? Me, too!

Thank you for stopping by! And many thanks to Susan, RhodaCindy and Linda for hosting me! Please stop by their sites to view many other great projects and thrifty finds!


  1. Erin, now THAT is positively brilliant! Those cloches are not cheap, what a great way to make one. Goes to show, you just have to get your eye trained for seeing things to makeover. Love it!

  2. You did a fantastic job! Great idea!


  3. Love me some cloches! What a cool idea. I've got several glass cloche ideas percolating in the 'ole brain. Will be adding your ideas to the mix :)

    Glad you could Mi4M!

  4. Your cloche is beautiful and how creative! I love the glass knob you used on the top, and your bird's nest looks wonderful beneath it!

    Kat :)

  5. Amazing! How do they get away charging so much for these things??? Yours is even better than the "real" thing. :)

  6. I was one of those bloggers who has made several of my own cloches. Yours turned out great!


  7. ooooh, Me likey! :P

    I have been wanting to make one of these too, but I just haven't found the right 'cloche' shaped glass quite yet. I am holding my breath!

  8. Erin,
    I like it! You are so creative! I too have been looking for a cloche... I haven't been as lucky as you! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute idea :) Love it when I am able to use what I have on hand :)

  10. What a creative idea you had. its looks wonderful..


  11. wow, great idea! I have one of those stoppers we received as a wedding present and it is just sitting in the china hutch never used... now I have an idea on how to use it...

    Thank you!

  12. HI Erin,
    That is so brilliant! You were lucky to find that piece of glass, I have been looking and looking. Someone must be out there buying up all the good pieces before I have a chance! And with the glass stopper on top your cloche looks like you paid a lot for it. Clever girl!
    I love it with the bird nest inside! I collect them and think they are great to use indoors.
    Great job, it's perfect.
    I hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  13. Yes I like! It looks just like the real thing, it doesn't even have the 'homemade' vibe. (not that there is anything wrong with homemade!). Looks perfect, enjoy it!

  14. That looks perfect! Great job!

  15. So imaginative of you and a great result. Hope you'll visit us, too -- we have a fun headboard bench project. -- Jane F.

  16. That is so cool. I am always on the lookout for anything cloche-like at GW.


  17. Fabulous!!! You did an amazing job. And I love the nest under it.

  18. You rock! What a frugal score! I just love it.

  19. creative and thrifty...luv it! thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY...hope you are having a good time:)


  20. That was a great solution for creating a cloche. I love that you were able to utilize the wine stopper as the's a perfect fit.

  21. Thanks for all of your comments! I did get lucky with my find!

  22. Great job, love your new cloche.